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Stelio Maria Martini


The 20th century aesthetic revolution is an effect of historical and neo-avant-gardes, which are an entirely contemporaneous epochal phenomenon that marked the last century. Italian Futurism trigger (with its echo of first avant-garde movement in the world) the great secession of sensitive thought and wry materialism of new aesthetic production. The free-word and tactile tables are the start of a new form of poetical production through the recognition of the fungibility of diverse aesthetic form of traditional expression.


Among the books of Stelio M. Martini (1934): Schemi (Press of Documento-sud, Naples 1962 and Morra, Naples 19892), the is the first book of italian collage-poems, Neurosentimental (1963, collage-novel, continuum press, Naples 1974 and Morra, Napoli 19832), Tramonto della parola (Bulzoni, Rome 1999).


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