La sospensione spettrale. A partire da «Stalker» di Andrej Tarkovskij PDF Print Email

Giampiero Moretti


Aim of this contribution is to try to understand the enigma of the suspension (that is a main feature of a work of art) from an analysis of the film «Stalker» by A. Tarkovsky. This film is interpreted in a historical perspective, considering a particular aspect of Russian culture between 19th and 20th century: the theme of the mediumistic powers and the ghastliness into the reflection and debate of Russian scientific community.


Giampiero Moretti is full professor of aesthetics at University of Naples «L’Orientale». He is expert of German Romanticism (L’estetica di Novalis; La segnatura romantica; Il poeta ferito. Heidegger, Hölderlin e la storia dell’essere). He edited Italian works of Hölderlin, Klages, Novalis, Otto, Schelling, Schiller.


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