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Silvana Carotenuto


This article is interested in the question of the always possible − structural, architectural – destruction of the archive; it, therefore, maintains the idea that it is «language» that sustains memory in history, allowing the transmission between generations. This (Derridean) deconstruction of the classical archive and its relevance for a new, future version of the arkè, is read through the performative dynamics of contemporary, diasporic and transnational female artists such as Zineb Sedira, Lalla Essayidi, and Zoulikha Bouabdellah. The question of the «mother tongue», the birth of language into the world, the performative de-via-tion of the cultural projections of alterity, are at the centre of the analysis. Language can become the «urn» of the past, materializing itself in artistic works, and, finally, opening up the promise of its be-coming.


Silvana Carotenuto is an associate professor at the Università degli Studi di Napoli «L’Orientale», where she directs the Centre for postcolonial studies. She is an expert in cultural studies and deconstruction; her publications are focused on female writing and creativity. She has written on W. Shakespeare (see La lingua di Cleopatra. Decostruzione e sopravvivenze decostruttive, Marietti, 2009) and on experimental performativity. She has been recently working on visual art as the tutor of a series of workshops on «exile» and the artistic technologies used by women to countersign its trauma (Isea 2011 – Istanbul).


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