Ekphrasis & pubblicità. Descrivere e valorizzare nell’antica Grecia PDF Print Email

Francesco De Martino


Descriptions are specimens of the poet’s cleverness, evidence of his ability to promote products and people, including himself. The effectiveness of self-promotion is the guarantee that the poet will also promote the client. Utility and pleasure are the two aspects on which to focus in the promotional descriptions, as already explained Aelius Theon in his Progymnasmata, anticipating the interpretation by Jean Marie Floch of the semiotic square.



Francesco De Martino is full professor of Greek literature (Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università di Foggia) and editor in chief of Levante Editori. He was editor with Onofrio Vox of a wide commentary to Greek Lyrics (Lirica greca, 1996) and books on forgotten aspects of ancient culture, such as Lo spettacolo delle voci (1995) e Studi sull’eufemismo (1999), both with Alan H. Sommerstein (Nottingham University), Mito e caricature e Abiti da mito (2008), Antichità & Pubblicità (2010) and Puglia Mitica (2012).


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