Pensare con Zambrano, oltre Zambrano

Pina De Luca


The history of the Spanish Thought, as it has been reconstituted by Zambrano, is the history of procured infiltrations, of a pursued mixture but it is also the story of how in Spain the western «pure reason» has been replaced by the «poetic reason». In defining poetic such reason, Zambrano does not refer to a conversion of philosophy into poetry, but to a way in which the thought appears expanding so much to include its material matrix and letting the latter to act in itself and produce effects. If the Spanish poetic reason can be seen as an aesthetic reason, in the same way and with its own imprint, can be Zambrano’s one. And Zambrano’s one is an aesthetic reason, because it places itself beyond every dispute between the matter and the thought, the feeling and the concept and because it calls itself thought where inside itself continuously fight these two dimensions and for which this fight is a contagion, since it is a sign on the opposite part so that this one is, in itself, its other self.



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