Hölderlin-Novalis: l’unico incontro in vita

Susanna Mati


The two most important poets-philophers of early xix century, Friedrich Hölderlin and Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg), met only once in their lives, in May 1795. This imaginary dialogue lets them speak about many relevant issues and concerns of their philosophies: the problem of consciousness (Bewusstsein), the role of imagination (Einbildungskraft), the magic and transformative activity of poetry, the thought about tragic and religion and, finally, myth as the original source of every poiesis, as that element which opens to future and possibility.


Susanna Mati, professor of Aesthetics at IUAV University, Venice. Among her books: Ninfa in labirinto (Moretti & Vitali 2006); Georges Bataille, filosofo (Mimesis 2007, co-author F. Rella); Nietzsche: arte e verità (Mimesis 2008, co-author F. Rella); La mela d’oro. Mito e pensiero (Moretti & Vitali 2009); La decisione di Platone. Sulla condanna dell’arte (il melangolo 2010); Sex and the City: favola della donna single (Moretti & Vitali 2011). She edited: W. F. Otto, Le Muse (Fazi 2005); G. Bataille, Storia dell’erotismo (Fazi 2006); G. Bataille, Lascaux. La nascita dell’arte (Mimesis 2007); F. Hölderlin, Poesie scelte (Feltrinelli 2010); Novalis, Inni alla Notte (Feltrinelli 2012); Platone, Fedro (Feltrinelli 2013).


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