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Call for papers issues 2017



The Cognitive Power of Metaphor


Advisory Editor: Annamaria Contini

Deadline for submission: October 30, 2016

Expected release: June 2017



In 1962, Max Black published Models and Metaphors, which collects papers offering a new explanation of the metaphor (the interaction view) and where the metaphor is approached to the models of science. These papers quickly become «seminal», opening a debate on the cognitive function of metaphor involving philosophers such as Nelson Goodman, Donald Davidson, Paul Ricœur and others. On the other hand, in 1960, Hans Blumenberg had published Paradigms for a Metaphorology, that showed the figurative, symbolic and metaphorical ways through which expresses the philosophy. But the discussion is not limited to the field of philosophy: indeed, in subsequent decades, are scholars of cognitive science to question more systematically the problem of metaphor, emphasizing the ability to extend the meaning of a term, to interact different conceptual domains, to reorganize knowledge and categories. A classic theme of aesthetics becomes a theme multi- and trans-disciplinary, open out the investigations carried out in education and teaching. Not always, however, there has been an effective communication between these research perspectives. This issue of «estetica. studie e ricerche» would help make truly interdisciplinary reflection on the metaphor, in the belief that today only a vision of the problem is not too specialized permits to really advance the discussion. On the one hand, you can then submit a paper that compares different approaches and/or theories; on the other hand, you can submit a paper that explores the cognitive function of metaphor starting from an author or in the context of a tradition of research. In this sense, we hope that will collaborate in this review’s issue both scholars of Aesthetics and other philosophical disciplines, both scholars of cognitive sciences and education sciences.


The authors may submit articles to the editorial board of the journal at the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The language of the proposed publication is Italian or English. Submitted papers should be sent by email before October 30, 2016 and must be ever accompanied by 100-word abstracts and five keywords (in English).



The articles will submitted to a blind peer review process. The rules of editing are available on journal website. Accepted papers not must exceed 40.000 characters (including spaces).


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