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estetica. studi e ricerche (ISSN print version 2039-6635; ISSN on line version 2284-3582) is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes essays on philosophical topics concerning aesthetics and its history, cultural studies, philosophy of art and contemporary art, that is what the people today consider art, i. e. the practice that exceeds the logic of the western agenda. The journal adopts peer-review process using double blind refereeing (see Code of conduct). The frequency is three issues per year, published until 2015 by Aracne editrice in Rome. From 2016 the journal is published by il Mulino in Bologna.

The journal is rated Classe A ANVUR and indexed in Philosopher's Index, Catalogo Italiano dei Periodici (ACNP), ANALECTA - Spoglio dei periodici italiani, Philosophy Documentation Center, Google Scholar.


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