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Massimiliano Marianelli


The essay offers a philosophical reflection on the work of contemporary composer Salvatore Sciarrino, whose musical productions and compositions urge us to reflect on the beginnings of music, on whose principles rest the foundations of human and spiritual creativity and the adopted choices of an artist who transforms the «world of things», in themselves neutral, into «the world of art». Such a beginning is, for Sciarrino, analogous to that revealed by the French thinker Simone Weil-an emergence from the Silence that immediately foreshadows the return to that first moment.  Every piece of music, writes Weil «emerges from silence, returns to silence».


Massimiliano Marianelli is a graduate professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Perugia, where he teaches History of Ancient Philosophy. His writings include: La metafora ritrovata., Miti e simboli nella filosofia di Simone Weil, Città Nuova, Roma 2005, Alberto Burri l’equilibrio squilibrato. Estetica della rifigurazione, Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo 2006; Unicité de la vérité et universalisme religieux, «Cahiers Simone Weil», décembre 2006; Ontologia della relazione: la convenientia in figure e moneti del pensiero filosofico, Città Nuova, Roma 2008; «Antigone» in C. Delsol ed., Simone Weil, Cerf, Paris 2009; La percossa del bello: la bellezza come discesa e ascesa in Simone Weil, «Sophia», 2 – 2010.


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