Lingua del Gusto e Gusto della Lingua. Del vino e non solo fra palato e parlato PDF Print Email

Arturo Martone


The essay offers a discussion concerning the senses of taste and smell as aesthetic experience, framing this experience in terms of a theory of discourse, according to which the language is not a mere register reflecting of that experience but an interpretational activity, in accordance with the Wittgenstein’s proposal about visual perception as seeing as.


Arturo Martone is professor of Philosophy and Theory of Language at the University “l’Orientale” of Napoli. Among his recent works: Metaphor and metaphorization in continental perspective (“Estetica”, 2/2008); Between metaphorisation and naming. A research hypothesis (“Linguistica zero”, II/2010) and A child cries out – Has he hurt himself? On Condillac’s ‘Language of Action’ (“Blityri”, I/2011, in c.d.s). He is the Editor-in-Chief of Journal «Studi Filosofici», Annals of Dept. of “Philosophy and Politics” at the same University.


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